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IBM SoftLayer and Kassoft India Private Ltd. Help Universities Improve Education Management in the Cloud

Bangalore - 17 Dec 2013: IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced that Kassoft India Private Ltd., an Indian information technology (IT) company and IBM are teaming to help universities better manage services for students and improve the overall education experience through cloud-based analytics.

Kassoft Systems has selected IBM SoftLayer to host its Genius University Management System (Genius UMS), an innovative cloud based integrated administration and management solution that consists of various fully independent functional modules, starting from admission to graduation. It has been designed to increase the efficiency of the departments in the university and provide online information to the management, staff and students. Genius UMS allows universities to create a more structured organization, increases the transaction handling capacity and improves the system of internal control.

"Indian educational system is undergoing transformation and is at the forefront of adopting new technologies to impart better education. As a developer of innovative solutions for the educational industry, we needed higher value cloud capabilities to further enhance our offering that were reliable and enabled us to scale in a secure environment. IBM�s SoftLayer cloud helps us make Genius UMS more cost effective and easy to implement and use," said S. Rajiv, Executive Director of Kassoft India Private Ltd..