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Dr. SRK Prasad was born in Chennai, India in 1951. He holds a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) with distinction in Chemical Engineering from Madras University. He obtained his Post Graduate Diploma in Operations Research also from Madras University and pursued his Master of Science (MSc) in Advanced Chemical Engineering from Imperial College, London.

He was awarded Doctor of Science degree (DSc) from City University Los Angeles, USA in Operations Research. He also holds a Diploma in Textile Management awarded by SITRA (Southern India Textile Research Association), Coimbatore.

Dr. Prasad is currently Correspondent of Coimbatore Institute of Technology(CIT), Managing Trustee of V.Rangaswamy Naidu Educational trust, Chairman Governing Council of CIT. He is also Managing Director of Krishna Industrial Corporation Ltd a company engaged in the manufacture of Chemicals, Fertilisers and Bio Fertilisers.
Managing Director
Dr.SRK Prasad D.Sc
Dr. Prasad is also Managing Director of Kassoft India Private Ltd., a I.T Company based in Coimbatore, which has produced world class products and services both for the domestic market and exports in the field of Education, ERP, Optimisation, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Cloud & Web technologies.

Professional Attributes
Dr. Prasad has a wealth of industrial experience in Textiles, Information Technology, Chemical, Fertilizers and Bio-Technology. Dr. Prasad was appointed as Alumni representative of Imperial College in India for Coimbatore, 1999.

Dr. Prasad is Associate Editor & Paper Referee Of Asia Pacific Journal of Operational Research, published from Singapore. He was the National President of Operations Research Society of India, 1990. He has published number of research papers in Mathematical Modelling and Computer Simulation in leading International Journals.

Achievements as Entrepreneur
Dr. Prasad started and built very high technology IT Company in 2018 involved in high-end product development. Kassoft India Private Ltd. began developing the Optimal Feed mix program for the Poultry industry, and this software package is widely being used by the Poultry industry in India, resulting in huge savings for the various poultry farms in the country. The software company has recently released the SHINE Point of Sale system and the complete retail solution being marketed in Europe, Middle East and India.

The IT Company has also developed GENIUS University Management System which involves complete automation of a college or university process. This system is being effectively marketed in Malaysia. Kassoft India Private Ltd. is the one of the prime offshore contractors for CCH Inc, U.S.A, a US 6 billion dollar company. The Document Management System (ProSystem fx Document) developed by the IT Company (100% offshore in India), won CCH the CODIE award 2008, the most Prestigious award for Software in U.S.A. The CODIE award is for the software industry what the OSCAR award is for films.

Dr. Prasad is also currently Managing Director of Krishna Industrial Corporation Ltd involved in the manufacturing of Single Super Phosphate, Carbon dioxide gas, Chemicals and Bio-Fertilizers. He has widely employed process plant optimization methods to improve the efficiency and working of all units of the company. This is the first Indian company to win the Prestigious Gold Medal award for Excellence in Business Practice given by foundation for Excellence in Business Practice, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, September 2007.

Awards Received
Dr Prasad is the recipient of many awards for his outstanding services, achievements and contributions, to include

Dr.Prasad was awarded the International Socrates Award for 'Manager of the Year' by the Europe Business Assembly (EBA), Oxford , U.K. on 12 December 2011.

Dr.Prasad was awarded HIND RATTAN AWARD by CITIZENS INTEGRATION PEACE SOCIETY for excellence in promoting Global Integration & Economic Development at the International Conference on Celebrating the Global Indian, at Mauritius, May 2018.

International Socrates Committee has granted the title "The Name in Science", to Dr.Prasad, at the meeting of the Rectors of Europe at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, UK, during July 2018, an International Award in the field of Scientific Researches. Name of Dr.Prasad has been recorded in the world register of outstanding scientists of the 21st century with awarding a medal of fame "For contribution to world science".

Dr.Prasad was awarded the prestigious Dr L.V Mitrokhin Award by Russian Centre of Science and Culture jointly with Indo-Russian Cultural and Friendship Society, at the Russian Cultural Festival at Chennai, December 2012.

Dr.Prasad has been awarded THE PEAK OF SUCCESS AWARD by WORLD CONFEDERATION OF BUSINESS, Houstan USA on March 29, 2013, at International Paris Le Grand in Paris, france, in BIZZ EUROPE 2013 Awards ceremony

Dr.Prasad has been awarded INNOVATIVE LEADER AWARD, AFRICA EDUCATION LEADERSHIP AWARDS FUNCTION held on 7th Deember 2016 at Le Meridien, Mauritius.

Dr.Prasad has been awarded the FELLOWSHIP AWARD - In Recognition for Outstanding Contribution to Education - World HRD Congress, 15th February 2017, Taj Lands End, Mumbai (TIMES ascent)

University Collaboration
  • Imperial College, London
  • Loughborough University, UK
  • University of Massachusetts, North Dartmouth, USA
  • Oklahoma state University, Still Water, USA
  • Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas, USA
  • Bergen University College, Faculty of Engineering (HiB) Bergen, Norway
  • Kyungpook National University, KOREA
  • University of Kazam, Republic of Tatarstan, Russian Federation
  • Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore

Industry Research collaboration
  • Robert Bosch India Limited, Bangalore
  • FLSMidth Private Limited, Chennai
  • IBM India Private Limited, Bangalore
  • Oracle India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore
  • Novell India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore
  • Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Inc. USA
  • SAMSUNG India Software Operations Private Limited (SISO)

Dr Prasad has published a number of Research Papers in Mathematical Modeling and Computer Simulation in Leading Journals.
Dr Prasad was Associate Editor & Paper Referee of Asia Pacific Journal of Operational Research, Published from National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore
Membership of Professional Bodies
  • Fellow Member of Operational Research Society of India.
  • Has the distinction of being the only one in Tamil Nadu, one of the four in South India and one among the elite seventeen in the entire country.
  • Fellow Member of Chartered Computer Professionals of India.
  • Member of New York Academy of Sciences, U.S.A.

Academic Board Memberships
  • Ex-Chairman Board of Governors National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research, Chennai.
  • NATIONAL BOARD OF ACCREDITATION - (An Autonomous Body of All India Council for Technical Education) - Member to the Committee for facilitating India to be a full member of Washington Accord.
  • Ex-Member of Board of Governors IIT, Bombay
  • Ex-Member of Board National Institute of Technology, Warangal (NIT)
  • Ex-Member of Board of Governors Indian Institute of Management, Kozikode.

Books Authored
Chapter contribution: e-Auto Scheduling: Driving Innovation Towards Efficient Decision Making : A Case Study Approach, 2017 (Title: INNOVATIONS IN E-SYSTEMS for BUSINESS and COMMERCE - APPLE ACADEMIC PRESS INC, NEW JERSEY, USA)
Research Publications
  • Operations Research - An important tool in managerial decision making, INFORM, June 1978. Vol 2, No 12.
  • Cotton Yarn sales forecast in a spinning mill, The Indian Textile Journal, November 1978.
  • Computer simulation technique in a spinning mill, The Indian Textile journal, October 1980.
  • Two phase stochastic model for a fluidized bed reactor - 33 rd Annual session of Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers, New Delhi 1980.
  • Probabilistic models for packed beds - 33rd Annual session of Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers, New Delhi, 1980.
  • Scheduling of production in a seasonal sales industry, Proc.I.S.T.A.M (Indian Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics), India, December 1980.
  • Three phase stochastic model for a fluidized bed reactor, CHISA 81, Praha, Czechoslovakia, September, 1981.
  • A mathematical model for the resident time distribution studies in fluid-solid systems - 2nd World Congress of Chemical Engineers, Montreal, Canada, October 1981.
  • Markov chain model for residence time distribution studies in fluid-solid systems,
  • Proc. symposium series, 10 th congress on stochastic processes and their applications, Montreal, Canada , August 1981.
  • Probabilistic mixing cell model-PACHEC'83, Seoul, S.Korea, 1983.
  • Residence time distribution studies in fluid- solid systems using Markov Chain analysis, 35th Annual Session of Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers, Waltair, January 1983.
  • Software package for optimal utilization of scrap in a foundry - National seminar on development of micro-computers in India, Madras,India , October 1983.
  • Microprocessor based multi-processing techniques - National seminar on Development of micro-computers in India, Madras, India, October 1983.
  • Optimal cotton mix in a spinning mill, 16 th Annual Convention of ORSI, I.I.T. Kanpur, December 1983.
  • Budgeting in a textile industry with cash constraints, I.F.O.R.S., Washington, D.C., August 1984.
  • Stochastic modelling of fluidized bed reactors and packed beds, 14 th Conference on stochastic processes and their applications, Gothenburg, Sweden, June 1984.
  • Investment allocation in a textile mill - A goal programming model, 3 rd Latin-Ibero American Congress on Operations Research and Systems Engineering, Chile, August, 1986.
  • Chaired the session on 'Project Management' at EURO X, the X th European Conference on Operational Research, Beograd, Yugoslavia, June, 1989.
  • Project Management on Micro-Computers, S R K Prasad, R Prabhakar, G Subramanian, EURO X, Yugoslavia, June 1990.
  • OR and Rule-based Expert Systems, S R K Prasad, R Prabhakar, OR and the Social Sciences, edited by M C Jackson, et-al, Plenum Publishing Corporation U S A, 1989.
  • Operations Research, Artificial Intelligence and Micros - Paper presented at AITA '91, the Ist National Conference on Artificial Intelligence Technology and Applications, University of Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, August 1991.
  • OR and Expert Systems Integration - A conceptual framework, S R K Prasad, R Prabhakar - Paper presented at AITA 91, Kualalumpur, Malaysia August 1991.
  • Case Studies in Metal Cutting Optimization - I.F.O.R.S. (SPC - 4) on Operations Research and Engineering Designing in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A., on October 24 - 27, 1995
  • Honorary Advisor for publication of 'Encyclopedia of Operations Research' to be published by Kluwer Academic Publishers, U S A, under the Editorship of Professors Gass and Harris.
  • Cluster Chairman for TIMS XXXIII International for the Meeting held in Singapore in July 1995.