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Company Overview

Kassoft India Private Ltd. started by Dr. S.R.K. Prasad, D.Sc. an Industrial Entrepreneur. It was started as a high performing Information Technology group to provide innovative and flexible application software for the real-time enterprises. The product brand name of the company is "Kassoft". Many organizations worldwide use "Kassoft" application.

IT Services, Technical Consulting and Product Development are the prime factors of our company. From the beginning the company endeavored in the Software products with industry-focused solutions. We help our clients to increase their competitiveness and profitability by providing a comprehensive range of tailored business solutions and quality services.

Kassoft office has span across the globe in serving the clients need and its relation with world's leading companies is cherishing. Kassoft collaborates with customers by treating them as partners, for them to deliver high-performance in business

Kassoft has a pool of high skilled and qualified IT professionals with the background in Engineering, Computer Science, Finance, and Marketing & Project Management in developing and delivering innovative products on various business domain and custom solution to the client requirement with cutting edge technology.

Kassoft has its development center being situated at the South Indian Manchester city, Coimbatore.


How We Work

Our work is comprised of 5 stages. We work with the team in the planning of a module based on the client requiremnt. Then work with individual team members in the design, development and test of the module. The team leader then oversees the production of the tested module for delivery. Once it is delivered we evaluate the module again based on the client feedback will repeat planning the module. Our systematic approach makes us deliver the best end product to you.


"The people of this organization are entirely dedicated to the success of their Customer. As their Customer, my organization has benefited greatly from the tireless commitment to success shown by Kassoft India Private Ltd.. Their employees are very energetic, extremely talented, and always take the initiative in all areas of software development. "
Mr. Nathan Goodwin
"The final product is very clear and documented at the level of detail that we required. Kassoft have been extremely helpful as we continue to develop a superior system."
Mr. Danielle Oliver
Pink Pepper Photography, Dubai.


S. R. K. Prasad DSC
Managing Director