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Focus on Quality Assurance
Kassoft ensures timely delivery of quality solutions in each project / product it develops and delivers. We have implemented and maintain an ISO 9001:2008 certification being certified by Bureau Veritas Quality Management System. The prime factor is following the "Design and Development of Software Products and Services" norms and regulations.

Our Quality Assurance processes provide adequate assurance that the software products and processes in the project lifecycle conform to their specified requirements and planned unrolling.

The Quality Management System in place at Kassoft provides for
  • Objective evaluations of the deliverables
  • Carry-out processes and services against the corresponding standards and procedures
  • Identifying, documenting and addressing non-compliances
  • Feedback to staff on the results of Quality Assurance activities
  • Performing the Internal Quality Audit, as scheduled

Quality Policy

Quality Objectives for Software Development
To reach our vision of becoming the preferred supplier of software services for all the customers we serve, we monitor the parameters of our activity constantly.
Our quality goals reflect the efforts our organization undertakes to exceed the expectations of all our stakeholders
  • To comply with the minimum schedule variance with original estimates
  • Minimum effort variance with original estimates
  • Minimum defect rate after testing, both by us and customer view.