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AI Education

Artificial Intelligence Powered Intelligent Virtual Assistants and Enterprise Chatbot for Education. Our application provide a innovate virtual user experiene for the students to learn online with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Students can learn smart with the Virtual Assitant tutors (Chatbot) on a specific topic through text or images or by watching video. At the end of each topic students will be provide with Quiz, Assignment Submitted to the Virtual Tutor for analysing results. Based on the result, Virtual Tutor can provide individual action plan for the students to improve their performance. During the Quiz and Assignment, Virtual Tutor will assist the students with hints and support materials to solve the problem and learn concepts.
Chatbot will help the students by answering the queries specific to the topic with relevant support materials.
AI Education integrated with ChatBot
  • Smart Learning and Study Anytime
  • Improve the Performance of the Student by providing effective teaching
  • Teacher can monitor individual student performance with Ease.
  • Teacher will be provided with AI based analysis report of each studnent at the end of topic
  • Integrated with the E-Learning Application for ease setting up of session plan

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