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Shine - Retail Management

Shine - Retail Management provides an end to end solution to small and mid size retail industries that caters purchase management, store management, Point of Sale and back end financials.Shine RMS offers a flexible, object-oriented design, which readily adapts to the operational requirements by enhancing efficiency, productivity, information access and strategic decision-making. Shine RMS is a fully integrated, user friendly, reliable, scalable, secured, customizable & upgradeable product.Shine RMS is developed using the latest Microsoft .Net Technology.

  • Multi-Lingual - This system has the ability to operate in any global languages. This provides flexibility to the user to operate the system on his/her native language.
  • Reliable, Customisable & Scalable.
  • A web enabled solution accessible 24x7.
  • Multi-Office - The system provides flexibility to operate Multi-Office structure. System has the ability to make the transactions by Branches located elsewhere and those transactions can be grouped for company as a whole in the central location.
  • Robust Search Capability.
  • Multi-Currency - This system can function in multi-currency mode.

Salient Features
Purchase Management
Shine Retail Management Solution provides a complete web based purchase management solution, manages the supplier information and keep track of the item price history to identify the right supplier during the purchase order
generation. Centralized Purchase Management process and provision to deliver the stock to multiple branches.
Shine POS
Easy to use touch screen and sales mode. Shine POS delivers both flexibility and functionality with its colorful touch screen workstations. Minimize the customer wait time by providing high performance touch screen that
literally take seconds to complete the sales process. Customizable User, Loyalty Cards and Gift Vouchers.
Stock Control System and Inventory
The Stock Control module enables an organization to control their stock. The organization can have multiple warehouses. Records are created for warehouse stock details, Standard units, Package units, stock categories
and types, etc and these all combine to produce an integrated system capable of tracking the stock transactions.
Email Management System
A flexible email management based on various activities within the Shine RMS. We can customize the complete email content like From, To and the Messages based on the various activities like x z- report, purchase order
approval, Reorder notification, customer due notification, Email to customer based on promotion etc.,. Report can be attached to the email and email can be customize to send automated email based on the period (Daily, Weekly and Monthly)

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