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Genius University Management System Lite

Genius University Management System Lite (UMSLite) is a complete integrated University Administration and Management system developed in state of the art three-tier web technology. UMS is a powerful Internet and Intranet based application, designed to help the university to provide valuable information to the management, staff and the students. UMS consists of fully independent functional modules each designed to increase the efficiency of the departments in a university and to provide online information.

UMSLite allows universities to create a more structured organization, increases the transaction handling capacity and improves the system of internal control.

UMSLite is designed with known industry standards and compliances with great emphasis on product quality and hence it is highly interoperable. Its data mining and reporting capabilities allow the administrator to extract information to support internally and externally driven initiatives, usage planning, student intervention, and much more.

IBM SoftLayer and Kassoft India Private Ltd. Help Universities Improve Education Management in the Cloud
  • A complete intrgrated solution from admission to graduation.
  • Reliable, Customisable & Scalable.
  • A web enabled solution accessible 24x7.
  • Sophisticated user Monitoring, Auditing and Logging System.
  • Robust Search Capability.
  • Facilitates to take timely decisions in running their operations
  • Seamless and Flexible Integration with third party systemslike accounting, e-learning, library management systems etc.,
  • Access privileges restricted with windows authentication and group / user level security.

Salient Features
Student Admission
UMSLite addresses all the needs of an admission process starting from Student Application to Student Admission process. The Students Applications can be received from student using both online form(s) and offline counter process.
Course Management
UMSLite's Course Management is the process of Defining and Organizing Courses for each program based on the curriculum set by the University. System offers tools and a framework that allows relatively easy creation of course content and the subsequent teaching and management of that course.
Attendance Management
UMSLite's Attendance module enables the user to define flexible timeslots and timetables based on programs which is used by the staff to record the attendance of the students. Attendance Management System can calculate the number of absences per
student and take appropriate actions once the maximum number of absences has exceeded.
Assessment Management
UMSLite's Assessment module can be used to configure and record any type of examination pattern as per University guidelines. Assessment Management system enables staff to assess students performance based on predefined Assessment
types. Staff can form Assessment Plans according to the needs of the program courses he/she conducts.
UMSLite's Examination module can be used to configure and record any type of examination pattern as per University guidelines. Examination module specializes in organizing examination, performance analysis and reporting where staff can
view and edit students grades/marks and generate reports and transcripts customized with the logo and/or watermarks of the University.
Student Accounting System (SAS)
UMSLite's Student Accounting System (SAS) is flexible enough to accommodate the varying nature of fee payments that most universities come across. The module enables effective management of fee records of each student. SAS empowers
the finance department by streamlining the Student Accounting process and allow them to closely monitor the student payment and receipt information.
Student Portal
UMSLite's Student Portal provides complete online information to the student on their academic information related to exam & assessment, finance details, class schedules and subject scheduling for the current semester. Student can view their personal, academic information and the complete study plan.
Staff Portal
Staff Portal provides the staff with a host of features over a web enabled application which enables staff to streamline their day to day tasks (like Class Schedules, Day Planner, My Diary, E-Leave and E-Claims etc) more efficiently. Staff Portal can also
be used to view the timetable and the schedule of classes, mark Attendance and key in the Assessment mark of the students.

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