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Business Models

Kassoft has a range of business models that provide optimal flexibility to structure business relationships with clients. Our at most endeavour is visible that the client gets what is expected. The company has successfully executed projects in each of the models identified.

The Nearshore Development Center (NDC) Through the NDC business model, Kassoft aims to select, supply and retain the best developers within its delivery centers based upon predefined performance, criteria, knowledge and experience.

The Extended Development Center (EDC) The EDC model is a true round the clock development model and functions as an extension of the client's own in-house software development team. The Offshore Development Center (ODC) Instead of becoming an extension
of the client's own development team, Kassoft provides some of the technical resources required to complete mission critical projects for the clients. For Kassoft it is a turnkey solution that includes the processes product specification, development, quality assurance testing and deployment.

Hybrid business model If a business model is made up of several business patterns, it is called a hybrid business model. To create a hybrid business model in the real world, one could choose the business patterns Inventor and Contractor to create a product software company.

Fixed Price / Fixed Scope The model can work well for projects that have a clearly defined scope of work. The client pays a pre-negotiated fixed amount and the Kassoft team delivers a quality product within a specific time frame.

Time & Material Often, the scope, specification and implementation plans of a technology project are not easy to explicitly define at the outset. In this scenario the time and materials model can often provide the best solution for the client.